The Crow

Photo: Laura Kovanska
Model: Ania @ Balint Nemes Personal Model Management
MUA: Anna Laga
Stylist: Laura Kovanska
Editorial Producer: Balint Nemes

Laura_Kovanska_1Left: Beige Jacket – Top Secret, Black dress – Guess Marciano.                                              Right: Beige Jacket – Top Secret, Black dress – Guess Marciano, Shoes – Tally Weijl

I was born in eastern Slovakia close to the Ukraine borders, but I was raised in Czech Republic since the age of 3. I studied Multimedia & Marketing Communication at the university in Zlin, but I felt in love with photography. I travel a lot worldwide and  also lived in California twice. I live in Czech Republic now, in a very nice small city called Brno, but I work in Prague, Bratislava or whatever location where my services are needed.

Laura-Kovanska_2Left: Beige Jacket – Top Secret, Black dress – Guess Marciano                                                   Right: Beige Jacket – Top Secret, Black dress – Guess Marciano, Sport hat – Gate

I have been taking photography full-time for about eight years now. I had no previous education or experience in photography, so that was all new for me, I used to spend long hours and nights at school photo atelier. I had to work more and harder and run more shootings and films to get into the level I wanted to reach. After years of hard work I do advertising photography professionally in commercial and high fashion.

I got into fashion at school, my classmates were fashion design students and needed some shootings of their clothes. I love both the responsibility and freedom about shooting fashion for designers. My favorite technique of shooting is analogue – I love shooting films and Polaroids too, I think it is a very strong background to get good editorial, because these works are very different from other photographers, what I really try hard to get to.  I  have full frame digital equipment, but I prefer  to shoot film because I have the option/freedom to do it.

Laura-Kovanska_4                                                                                                                       Right: Beige Jacket – Top Secret, Black dress – Guess Marciano

I really love these images because they were taken after a model test shooting. Our editor went to buy us some fruit snack and left us with the model alone. I got my imagination out of control..and also half of his flat equipment… out on the balcony, and we made this amazing shots, inspired by rising rising moon that day. I wanted to put into editorial a little bit of elegance, secret, and hide a story behind the pictures, that a queen of night is calling the power and elegance of the night to come.


Left: Top – COS                                                                                                                             Right:Bomber Jacket – NUBU, Black dress – Guess Marciano, Sport hat – Gate

The inspiration came from the rising moon, lovely geometrical balcony and the outstanding beauty of the model Ania from Poland.

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