Sport So Chic

Photographer: Andrea Miliotti

Model: Olga Portnova

Make-Up: : Serena Palma

Wardrobe: Cherry Blossom

Post-Production: Laura Daria Pezzini

3D Graphics: Hector di Tano

07Body structured black “ROBERTO CAVALLI” – Tunic off with black stripes and circles “JUST CAVALLI” – Leggins black “LANVIN” – Blue stockings “CALZEDONIA” – Bracelet steel tips “BLACK PHEONIA” – Silver boot “JUST CAVALLI”

I’ve been a photographer since 2001. I’m based in Florence, Italy. I’m self-taught. My love for photography started during a road trip. I shoot fashion, still life & reportage photography. My photography is not about invening a new product, but try to interpret a concept with my own style.

06Black and white dress with patterned inserts “IAK & Nù by NAMASTè” – Socks with geometric pattern “SELECTA FASHION” – Fuchsia sandals “ROBERTO CAVALLI”

I like working in a team because it is important that each enhances its role. Usually the team is comprised of my collaborator and post-production, my make-up artist, styling and even more complex jobs assistants on sets. There are so many masters of photography that I have read and studied, but my inspiration are mainly two painters; Gaugain and Salvador Dali.

04Black and white dress with patterned inserts “IAK & Nù by NAMASTè” – Pants white and black “ NAMASTè” – Shoes with wings “ADIDAS – JEREMY SCOTT” – Headphones “PHILIPS”

My inspiration comes from curiosity. I often update on our activities in the field of photography and video. Often join with my personal emotions. I’m young and it is not easy to give advice. What I can suggest is that you believe in yourself, look for your style, and if you love photography to never give up.

My goal is to work abroad as a photographer. Being able to meet new realities and grow as a professional photographer.

01Image Right: Fuchsia dress “PINKO” – Orange tank top “DSQUARED” – Silver boot “JUST CAVALLI” – Yellow belt “CINTURIFICIO A.M.”

The desire to combine the extreme sport with fashion and the desire to compare the photograph with the graphics. When you combine different elements hopefully lure a bomb image and I think I’ve reached my goal.

I wanted to choose extreme sports to give the model a feeling of an action. My team and I chose the location to be transformed into 3D and in almost all the shots choosing concerned futuristic architectural buildings. For bungee jumping we  used the Infinity Bridge in Britain. The Opera House in Valencia for the race, for the bicycle we used the pyramid of the Louvre and in the climbing we used The Dancing House of Prague.

03Black pants with side stripes “NAMASTè” – Body structured black “ROBERTO CAVALLI” – Colored Sneakers “RAF SIMONS” – Sunglasses “TOM FORD”

My advice to young photographers is to research continuously. I always try a style in my photographs, many times I try to tell a story, an emotion, a feeling. In the past the photograph had a meaning of novelty, of protest, of discovery while today it is experimenting with new forms by mixing different arts to new technologies.

02White pants with geometric inserts “JUST CAVALLI” – Tunic off with black stripes and circles “JUST CAVALLI” – Shoes with wings “ADIDAS – JEREMY SCOTT” 

Today it is important to create a team of people with different talent because it combines the ideas, forces and brings a unique and beautiful work.

I still consider myself a young photographer. The important thing is always, understand the strengths and recognize your limitations. It important to show your work on social networks, with the web page, and submit to agencies.

00Mock black microfibre “IAK & Nù” – Microfiber shorts “INTIMISSIMO” – Socks with geometric pattern “SELECTA FASHION” – Hood balaclava “IAK & Nù” – Green sandals “ROBERTO CAVALLI” – Bracelets hair gray shade “ I LOVE MARISA”

08Long dress lace “RAFAEL LOPEZ” – Sandals multicolor “JUST CAVALLI” – Ring “BLACK PHEONIA”

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