Manor Victoria

Photographer: Damien Gilbert

Model: Cecilia Wilmer

Make-Up, Wardrobe & Hair: Model herself


I am one of the most idiotically committed cinematographer/photographers you’ll ever meet. I began my visual journey in Thunder Bay where I risked my life several times, getting many injuries doing pranks – action stunts (Tom Green and Jackass inspired) for comic and dramatic effect. Since 2004, when I invested in professional equipment, primarily cameras, I’ve donated my time for any number of projects to help out local filmmakers and artists. My paid professional work, artistic and commercial, has taken me all over the world. I earn a full time living as a cinematographer/photographer.

Over the years, with all my experience, I have developed my personal style and interests and I am looking to further those interests by committing myself to more personal journeys. For me this is a journey of learning and sharing, with an audience and other professionals.


I would say my specialty is concerts and live performances. I am good at working with live situations where anything spontaneous could happen. That being said, in a controlled environment where we create the scene with scenery and lighting with a good subject, I’ve been able to create some fun pieces. I’ve always done my own things, with my own creative control which is important. I love working with others and collaboration on projects as well.


I have shifted from so many areas, and I will even more in the future. I don’t like being pigeon holed into one style. I like trying out many styles, and working on many different subjects. In recent years making the shift into more photography than cinematography, I am surviving without any additional income. You gotta be smart about it and budget. Equipment is always changing, but investing in equipment like good glass is smart cause it retains its value. Networking with the help of social media has been very valuable for me in my career.


My goal for the future is seeing more places and shooting in them with new faces. I like working with new people constantly and am always on the go. Regarding this shoot, a friend had told me about a new person living in my town that was eager to collaborate with a photographer.


She was going to school and has been itching to shoot, as she was a working model for many years. We had a very cool place to work with so we decided to team up and make this shoot happen. This is a personal series, Cecilia did the wardrobe, hair and makeup. I scouted the location and did all the photography.


My advise to young photographers is to get out and shoot as much as possible. Learn that camera inside and out, and know how lighting will effect your image. Nothing happens overnight, and there are a reason why people are successful. They put in the time. There is no such thing as luck, its preparedness. Seeing those opportunities and going for it. You can’t be afraid to fail, cause you will learn from those failures and will make you better in the end.

You will find more images from Damien Gilbert at Instagram: @dmangilbert