Josh Byer

Artist: Josh Byer

“These four pieces are urban daydreams – where inner-city neighborhoods are sustainable, nature-abundant, friendly places to live. The paintings are inspired by English Bay, a neighborhood on the western edge of downtown Vancouver.”

city_by_joshbyer-d89c71qCITY is earmarked for auction in Fall of 2015. Its market value has not yet been assessed. The painting is 24” X 36” and took 700 hours to complete.

I work from my home in Vancouver. My apartment is in a cul-de-sac which overlooks the treetops of Stanley Park. I paint all day on a leather couch while the crows yell at me. “Bread!” they scream. “Seeds!”

folk_by_joshbyer-d8cq77tFOLK is rendered in acrylic & ink on a 8” X 10” canvas. It carries a retail price of $850.

I began painting at one-and-a-half. That work wasn’t very good – poor composition, and the crayons used were not archival quality. After learning to walk, I continued to draw. Countless art schools followed. Some kicked me out. Some didn’t. Eventually, I moved west and gave up painting. Six years ago, my mom got cancer. On her deathbed, she left me with a piece of advice: “Don’t wait.”

mall_by_joshbyer-d8a93btMALL is a 9” X 12” acrylic & ink painting on paper. It’s also priced at $850.

Larger pieces are painted a single element at a time. Environments are shaped as they’re created. As a composition develops, I begin to search for a narrative in the artwork. Who are these people? Why am I painting them? What are they doing? As the painting becomes more intricate, so does the narrative – until the people become individuals, reacting to themselves and one another, existing in a place as real to them as our environment is to us.

strathcona_no_2_by_joshbyer-d7wrnusSTRATHCONA No. 2 is part of a private collection. It is not available for purchase.

I’m currently at work on a series of 24” X 36” illustrated poems. They are inspired by the illuminated manuscripts of medieval Europe.

My marketing strategy is to create ever-larger and more intricate artworks, until the ghost of da Vinci awakens to curse my name in vain.

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