Fashion & Form

Creative Direction by Max Train, Johannah Jørgensen, Sally Jørgensen
Directed by Max Train
Filmed by Max Train & Sally Jørgensen
Edited by Sally Jørgensen
Model: Johannah Jørgensen
Song: “Your Girl” by Sally Dige
Filmed in Versailles
Clothing by Freya Dalsjø

Max Train, Sally Jørgensen, and Johannah Jørgensen are three siblings living in three cities: Paris, Berlin, and Copenhagen. They are all artists, musicians, filmmakers, and fashion models, working together to create unique videos that stand as single art films, which stems from their diverse background as multi-disciplinary artists. Their work is being recognized on an international scale for their music, films, and photography.

Sally Jørgensen:
Johannah Jørgensen:
Freya Dalsjø: