Delayed Symptoms

Photography, Design & Concept: Taner Tumkaya

Make-Up: Kate O

Model: Olivia Bellafontaine

“The man who suffers is a beast, the beast that suffers is a man”. G. Deleuze


I was born in Iskenderun, a Mediterranean town in Turkey. I had a great childhood living in a house with a huge terrace full of plants and a lot of space to make “experiments”.


I obtained my BA in Sculpture in Ankara but I just didn’t like the system there so I went to Frankfurt/Main to further my education. After obtaining my MFA degree, I made an hour long animation film and decided to abandon everything else and dedicate myself to cinema, so I made my way to Los Angeles 5 years ago.


Here I produced some short films which also won awards and met some producers whom I’m still working with to allocate a budget for a feature. Photography for me is an extension of that cinematic perspective.

TanerTumkaya06 copy

I think I’m good at bringing seemingly unrelated components together and multiplying them to create thought and emotion. I try to stay away from concrete ideas or methods and I try things out even if they are silly or flat. To produce something is not always a very joyful process, it’s sometimes very unpleasant to face your capabilities and limitations as a person and still not clinging on to anything for support. Most artists develop their skills and fields by time but, on the contrary, I escape anything rigid basically because I see any kind of repetition as a waste of time and I don’t trust any system, even if they are my own.


I work with multiple lines of thought and most of the times these thoughts don’t necessarily complement but also oppose, shift and dominate each other. I usually have an abstract theme and communicate the ideas with my collaborators. They then decide during production and I document whatever they come up with. I leave many things to chance and don’t control anything.

TanerTumkaya02 copy

The work is kept fresh as one keeps herself fresh. All the ideas about a clearly articulated identity, individual style or technique are ideas imposed by the market (tutors, institutions, galleries, collectors, curators, critics… etc.) and actually don’t support the growth of an artist. As an artist I keep my senses and intellect open and do things as I like and proceed my practice independent of institutions.

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