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14626510983_ce791905fc_oI have been shooting Nature and Street Photography for about 7 years, most focus lately has been my BW Street Photography for the last 3+ yrs, I am self taught as I have a technical background in Information Technology I am also an avid reader so I love to incorporate studying the Masters of photography with learning to use the cameras I shoot with.

I picked up my then girlfriends camera 7 yrs ago and took a photograph of a flower in the beaches, this particular flower I looked at and then lay on my back with the camera pointing up to the blue sky capturing the flower from the ground up as if it was a tower of nature…when my girlfriend asked why I laid down to take the photo I replied it seemed like the thing to do, once I showed her the photo she said that I had natural talent.19707082611_3b02da95bf_oSo far I am building my photography business with paid assignments the biggest break has been the commissioned work of 4 BW prints that will be blown up to size 30X40 for the PNC Tower in Pittsburgh USA through the Rhonda Goodall Gallery of Louisville Kentucky the Tower opens this Fall.  I am a true Nature and Street Photographer but I do portrait work as well as doing a few assignments for photography Rock Bands as they perform, my primary focus though is BW Street Photography. I shoot alone, any client work I have done I have done solo not because it is my preference its just because that is how things played out I guess I am pretty self sufficient and it depends on the type of assignment I chose to take. 14066103852_96d0bd4884_o7 years ago I started out photographing flowers, then progressed to animal wildlife with a focus on birds which led me to study Ornithology, I am not only a bird photographer but I count too I have photographed over 250 different species of birds native to Ontario and my work appears in a birding book called Birds of Canada. About 3 years ago I was turned on to Street Photography BW in particular I have sold prints, been involved with 2 gallery showings of my BW Street Photography as well as having one of my photos published along with other artists in a BW Street Photography book.21046257596_9f0884b568_o My heroes and mentors are Henri Cartier-Bresson for his overall mastery at defining and capturing the decisive moment, Gary Winogrand for his share volume and dedication to Street Photography and Brassaii for his brilliance in technique for taking the most spectacular night scenes in Street photography. I also read and collect coffee table books on the Masters of Photography such as the above mentioned as well as Diane Arbus, Ansel Adams, Alfred Stieglitz, Edward Weston and Walker Evans..all of these Masters keep me wanting to go out and capture moments.17572733998_2b56770935_oHow do you keep your work fresh? Reading about the masters of photography is the most inspiring for me but using social media I follow many photographers from around the world they also follow me be it Twitter of FaceBook or even Instagram, looking at what other people are doing helps to keep ones perspective open it is all truly inspiring.885970_846668322039110_317501774002141708_oI do have a 9-5 job to pay the bills it gives me the flexibility to really be creative with my photography and take my time, I believe as time goes by and my name is getting recognized and more commissioned work comes my way eventually I will quit my day job and be a full time photographer, that’s the plan anyway.

Typically my clients are people I know that know my work ie friends that follow me and will purchase BW Street shots or my Nature photography, through social media I have made more of the business type connections for commissioned work, the Band work is starting to pick up as I am getting appreciated for being able to capture a band performing in action.

My immediate goal is to complete my BW Hamilton Street Photography book, I think I have enough work to put into a book now over this winter I will work on the design I hope to self print the book by next spring, also I want to open my own Studio/Gallery in Hamilton, this would be a space where I could display and sell my own works as well as promote and help other photographers, the focus would be Street Photography, also I would want to use the space for more Portrait work.9423139443_507b34800d_oThe photos included are all from the Street and candid they are but a small sample of 3+ yrs of Street Photography it is an on going passion of mine there are so many moments to capture that give the viewer a flavour of the city or place depicted at least that is the purpose for me through my eyes and lens let the viewer see what I see and the way I see it.8478259464_8cb4e4727a_oall of my Street photos are a part of my heart and soul, it is my vision of a certain moment caught in time how I see it so yes it is something very personal, if somebody was to say they hated a particular photo it would not bother me as long as they are talking technical, as for just not liking a photo would be a matter of opinion so everyone can have their own opinion, for me there are no rules to Street Photography its all abstract so technically although I study what is technical I do not always keep it in mind it comes naturally for me it is about just getting the yes the photos all mean something at the end of the day I want people to perhaps see their own city like they have never seen it before but more importantly I hope my Street Photographs will inspire people to open their eyes more and observe more as they are out and about in their city.
11401484_911490462223562_279243974567091988_nI can only say that as a Street Photography my goal was 1 shoot enough good photographs that people when seeing my work would be able to say yes that’s Colin’s work I know his style, 2 when people looked at my street work they would be able smell or feel or get some kind of emotion out of the images, feedback thus far has shown I am on the right path but there is always room for improvement, to be blunt I don’t think I have a defined style but looking at my body of work there is a aesthetic that transcends the genre of Street Photography I do.11206855_895373170501958_6028041336437144840_oMy advice which I always give out to anyone interested in Photography is this…GET OUT with your camera and shoot, its like learning to drive a car you can take all the courses you want and read all you want about automobiles and rules of the road its when you get behind the wheel of the car in real traffic do you really begin to learn how to drive, same with photography get out and click away then look at the results, understand your results and determine if you are on the right track, that’s when you start to really learn.

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