Photographer: Kelsey Campion, Marrow Creative Stylist: Lara Bonardi MUA: Letizia Pecchia Models: Chiara & Sofia @Luxx Model Management, Milan Bustier: ASOS | Skirt: Mangano | Jewelry: Love Rocks Bustier: Celyn b.                                                                                                                                                                                                         Bustier: Celyn b. Bustier: ASOS | Skirt: Mangano  | Jewelry: Love Rocks Bustier: ASOS | Jewelry: Love Rocks Bustier: Celyn b. Bustier: Celyn b….


Summer Of The Baltic Sea

Photographer : Marcin Kruk Model: Ania Designer : ENNBOW Designer : Michał Starost Makeup : Dominika Koryciorz Editorial producer: Balint Nemes   You can find more work from Marcin Kruk at www.marcinkruk.net


Smokin’ Hot

Photographer: Alexandre Paskanoi Model: Audrey Montage Make Up: Marika D’Auteuil Hair: Stéphane Scotto Di Cesare Styling: Miu Koridi   You can find more work from Alexandre Paskanoi at www.paskanoi.com

Colin Marcano

Photographer: Colin Marcano www.colinmarcano.com & www.flickr.com/photos/colin_street I have been shooting Nature and Street Photography for about 7 years, most focus lately has been my BW Street Photography for the last 3+ yrs, I am self taught as I have a technical background in Information Technology I am also an avid reader so I love to…

The Crow

Photo: Laura Kovanska Model: Ania @ Balint Nemes Personal Model Management MUA: Anna Laga Stylist: Laura Kovanska Editorial Producer: Balint Nemes Left: Beige Jacket – Top Secret, Black dress – Guess Marciano.                                              Right: Beige Jacket – Top Secret, Black dress – Guess Marciano, Shoes – Tally Weijl I was born in eastern Slovakia close to…


Vanishing Point

Photographer: Riccardo Bernardi Stylist: Julia Pavlova Make-Up & Hair: Daniela Zippan Model: Amelie S. @ Donna Models Berlin  Top – Monki      Jeans – Pull&Bear  Top – Monki      Shorts – Acus Denim Shirt – B52 Shorts – Acus Jumper – H&M      Dress – Sinsay Jumper – LABEL2     Sunglasses – Cheap Monday Jacket – Lindex Body – Pin-up…


Nature In The Details

Photographer: Goizane Jayo Model: Hodei Carreras Make-Up  &  Hair Stylist: Saioa Zabala Stylist: Flor Tregnaghi Clothes: Cardenal “In this shoot we wanted to represent the details that we find in nature, however much we try to hide or build on it, is always there. Since everything that surrounds us is nature, we are nature.”  …



Photographer: Jarek Kasprowiak Model: Johanna Make-up: Sylwia Przybyla You will find more images from Jarek Kasprowiak at www.jarkphoto.com  

Screen Shot 2015-07-20 at 12.26.09 PM

Fashion & Form

Creative Direction by Max Train, Johannah Jørgensen, Sally Jørgensen Directed by Max Train Filmed by Max Train & Sally Jørgensen Edited by Sally Jørgensen Model: Johannah Jørgensen Song: “Your Girl” by Sally Dige Filmed in Versailles Clothing by Freya Dalsjø Max Train, Sally Jørgensen, and Johannah Jørgensen are three siblings living in three cities: Paris,…

Cyrille Druart

Photographer: Cyrille Druart I started Photography around 2003, when I was given my first film camera. I was studying Interior Design at the time, and there was a darkroom with free access in my school (ESAG-Penninghen in Paris). That’s where I learned how to process film, but more importantly, how to print a picture, using…