Photographer: Benedetta Ristori

Stylist: Serena Pompei

Wardrobe Designer: Beatrice Luparini


I’m 26 years old and I’m currently based in Rome. The interest for photography was born as soon as I finished high school, when, still without professional equipment, I started approaching the world of visual art in a spontaneous and individual way. With the passage of time, this desire to express, to capture moments, to create something through the click of a camera invaded me and in 2009 I left my studies to dedicate myself entirely to photography. I started as a photo assistant for other photographers in Rome. I started showcasing my photographs in group exhibitions and later in solo exhibitions.


Right now I’m focusing my work in fashion and on some personal projects. I’m working on a few series that focus on the concept of emptiness and absence; I’m looking for a very realistic representation of these concepts. My goal is to merge these two concepts in my creative process.


Whether it’s a work in fashion or commercial I always use a team. Some jobs require a lot of people, make up, styling, hair stylist and an assistant. As for my personal projects, which is not fashion, I prefer to work alone, to have a free mind and act without external constraints.


I have many photography mentors. It would be very difficult to list all, but the fundamentals are definitely Bern and Hilla Becher, Jim Goldberg, William Eggleston, Laurenz Berges, Luigi Ghirri, Nan Goldin and Gregory Crewdson.


The advice I can give to those engaged in this profession is to understand the importance of being self confident and carry out their ideas without being discouraged by any criticism. In the world artistic subjectivity and taste are so different that some will love our work and others will ignore. But we must persist and love what we do every day. Do not get bored and must always continue to learn, improve, and not take anything for granted.


My goal is to continue to grow professionally. I’m working hard on my style and I’m studying to improve; with the passage of time I hope to get tangible results. I would like to increase my collaborations and work abroad, learn new methods and experiment with new techniques.


This story is the result of a collaboration between me, the stylist Serena Pompei and the designer Beatrice Luparini. All the clothes are part of the collection named ‘Absence’ created by designer Beatrice Luparini. The collection inspired us, the basic concept is the absolute black . The clothes are fluid and draped, the cut is asymmetrical and romantic , the absence of construction is the definition of the silhouette which is unstructured and clothes seem to float in the air. A collection of games built with overlapping and alternating volumes, with an emphasis on the fluidity of the clothes and the construction indefinite.

Style made of delicate lines that caress the female form where the asymmetry is a precise choice and the length is a variable measure.

Inspiration is captured from every possible stimulus of the surrounding reality: nature, poetry, and music tends to internal things up to the unveiling of them.

We loved this concept and we decided to represent it in this location urban and minimalist. The choice of black and white is not random, we chose to give importance to black. The movements of the model are sinuous as the clothes.

I am interested in the tension that exists between a form, such as a human head or a square , and the space which it both occupies and is contained by.

My aesthetic is very realistic. I do not like the artifact, I try to express myself through the symmetries, the geometry, the angles of light and through the contrasts.


You will find more images from Benedetta Ristori at http://benedettaristori.com